Who We Are

Who We Are?

We are team of highly energized, motivated & experienced people, coming from ProcessWeaver Inc., with the belief that, anyone can make a break into the IT Industry with the right amount of guidance, mentoring and hard work.

As a team, we don't only believe in just training our aspirants, but in making them competent enough to become a valued resource for any organization. We have set up a great platform for various aspirants, from different backgrounds to come here and learn their desired technologies and learn it professionally. For too long the training industry has been plagued with an unprofessional approach to imparting the knowledge and, at the end of the day, it is various aspirants that end up paying the price for the same, both, when it comes to money and time.

At PWA, it is the time that you spend here that we truly value and do justice to the same. We bring an extremely professional approach to training, and handhold our aspirants during each step of our Training Process and ensure that we finish the training process within the fixed allotted time.

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