Our Approach

Job-Oriented Training Program

Learning Business Critical Technologies like SAP, Oracle EBS or Microsoft .NET can never be done in a linear manner. We believe in providing a Multi-Level approach to learning. This proven Second-Campus Training methodology acts as an efficient bridge between what IT Organizations expect from the Aspirants and what various Education Institutes are offering presently.

Phase 1: Initiation Phase

For some, technology comes naturally. But for others, it is a brand new experience. We at ProcessWeaver Academy, understand these concerns of the budding Aspirants and hand hold them during the initial phase of the Curriculum to ensure that they are properly transitioned into the technology zone. This phase encourages anyone to join and start their journey towards becoming a Consultant or Developer.

We focus on the following points in our Initiation Phase:

  • Detailed Understanding of the Current IT Trends
  • Industry expectations from Aspiring IT Professionals
  • Career Roadmap with the pursued technology
  • Overview on the IT Industry's Technological Landscape
  • How ProcessWeaver Academy's Job-Oriented Training programme will transform you into a Job-Ready Consultant/ Developer

Phase 2: Technology Training

This phase is where we get into the meat of the technology and bisect it bit by bit. These daily sessions will involve extensive deep dive into the technology with day-to-day assignment tasks that the aspirants need to focus on. This phase is specially designed to ensure that the aspirants achieve an on-the-job knowledge on the subject and can correlate it to real-world examples.

During this phase, aspirants will be extensively trained in order to work on a Simulated Project that helps understand the Technology from a Working level perspective.

Phase 3: Dedicated Project-Manager Led - Simulated Project

During this phase, the now trained consultants will be put under the mentorship of a highly experienced Project Manager to work collectively on establishing/ deploying the software in a simulated environment. This simulates a real time work environment, which involves regular project meetings, constant Knowledge Transfer (KT) amongst the teams and regular Project Review/ Deadline meetings. This phase is designed to help aspirants consolidate their knowledge in a way that they can attain some project implementation know-how.

Phase 4: Pre-Employment Training

Now that we have successfully managed to convert the Aspirants to Competent Consultants, there is still a lot of fine tuning that needs to take place. Plus, given the huge competition in the market, all the consultants need to learn innovative ways to market their skills. ProcessWeaver Academy, with its huge expertise in the IT Industry, can assist you in finding your way there.

Phase 5: Resume Prep Guidelines & Mock Interviews

A Resume is NOT just about what you have already learnt. But, it is also about what you are capable of learning. Consultants need to be in a position to get this across to the Organizations and your resume is your first impression to the IT World.

We also think beyond the fact that your resume has been shortlisted. The next step is even harder, persuading the interviewer that you are capable of handling the responsibilities being put on your shoulders. This is why, we bring in experienced consultants from various IT Companies to make sure you are abreast with the latest interview demands of IT Organizations.