Corporate Training

Corporate Training

The IT Industry today has become extremely competitive. It is imperative for each organization to keep their employees up-to-date on their technical skills in order to remain abreast with the huge inflow of customer demands. With the need for companies to diversify into newer technologies, it is often not possible to play a balancing act between strategic directions a company takes, and ensuring that the company's resources understand and technically align themselves to the organization's strategic vision. Hence, it becomes imperative that companies choose the right resource competency development partners that not only exhibit a proven excellence in the relevant technology, but also, have the right methodologies to impart that knowledge in order to equip the resources with key skills in terms of technology and the key business processes that the technology touches. ProcessWeaver Academy, brings with it years of Product Development and Consulting knowledge within the domains of SAP, Oracle EBS & Microsoft technologies like .NET. Stemming from ProcessWeaver Inc., PWA understands exactly what is required off all Developer/Consultants during critical project implementations. All our consultants follow a strict training methodology that can be tailor made to fit an organization's needs. Being trained by highly experienced industry veterans coming from the ProcessWeaver network, your employees are in good hands. Our Consultants have an innate ability to make the class deep dive into the nitty-gritties of each technology, thereby, providing a holistic knowledge on the subject at hand. This ensures that the trainee completely understands the full range of functionalities of business critical softwares such as SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite / Oracle Applications & .NET.

Key Differentiators: Faculties/Consultants: The folks training your resources are highly experienced industry veterans that have seen it all and done it all in the IT world. Your employees are definitely going to get exposed to years of experience and are going to get trained in an experiential manner. Classroom/ Lab Infrastructure: PWA has heavily invested in a state-of-the-art lab facility that helps the trainees not just learn from our PWA Consultants, but also, work with them on a daily basis in order to understand the know-hows of project implementations. Training Manuals: Although we believe in a practical approach to learning, that involves more lab-oriented work rather than textbook reading, we understand the need to have written documentation of the technologies being learnt. At PWA, our Consultants have crafted specially designed training manuals that assist the trainees even after they leave our premises and go out to face the real IT world challenges. Methodology: Your employees will go through a rigorous training cycle that ensures that they have implementation level knowledge. This multi-fold and multi-pronged approach ensures that we build their technical expertise to a level that they can effectively contribute to any ongoing or new projects. Strict timelines: ProcessWeaver Academy prides itself on maintaining strict professionalism in terms of the deliverables and timelines. No matter how stringent the timeline needs of your organization is, PWA excels and meeting and exceeding expectations to deliver quality on time. Lab Assistance: None of the trainees are left without any support. Our team of consultants will always be with your employees and ensure that they receive the assistance they need at any given point of time in the day. Moreover, our team can be reached out to remotely as well, in case the trainees need assistance, when they are not in our premises.

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