Career Mentorship

Career Mentorship

The IT Industry is huge and is immensely populated. TO find your way through this crowd, you need a good guidance in terms of the career path to be chosen. Our expert career mentors, have a good industry insight and can guide you in terms of making your career in the IT Industry. Whether you are a fresh out of college graduate or experienced in another industry and trying to make a break into the IT World, PWA Career Guidance cell can easily ensure that you choose the right road and choose the right course.. (Irrespective of the fact, that we offer the course or NOT!!).

Our aim is to ensure that anyone and everyone who walks into our academy, walks out with a clearly defined career roadmap, that they can then use to embark on their journey towards getting into the IT Industry. Stemming from a highly recognized product development company, ProcessWeaver Inc., our Career Mentors have a comprehensive understanding of IT World, and can efficiently advise aspirants from any background on the which course they need to choose on.

The key to entering the IT World is not to just choose a course. The key is to understand the industry that the course signifies. This understanding helps the aspirants understand the nitty-gritties with which the industry functions and helps them then to chalk out a plan and move forward during the learning phase accordingly.

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