Breaking the MYTH: not from IT background? You can't get yourself an IT Job

Breaking the MYTH: not from IT background? You can't get yourself an IT Job

One of the most commonly asked questions that we as Career Mentors face is, "I am not from the IT/ Computer Science background. Am I eligible to enter the IT World?" And the big bold answer that we give is... YES!!! The reason the IT Industry is so populated is that it is really not what you know that matters. It is all about what you are capable of learning that matters. The hunger for learning new things, exposing oneself to new scenarios, situations & challenges, and the will to climb the ladder is what the IT Industry is looking for.

People come to us from various educational and professional backgrounds. We truly understand their confusion. A change in a career path (also called, A Career Curveball) is definitely one of the most unsettling things in a person working life. There could be many reasons as to why someone opts for a career change towards the IT Industry. For one, the salaries are pretty good, even for an entrant into this industry. Secondly, jobs in most other industries offer a very slow growth pattern. In today's fast paced world, it is really difficult to make ends meet when you are in a slow growing environment. Another reason, why the IT Industry is lucrative!!


Third, professionals within the IT Industry, are considered to have a white collar job. Better work roles and better work environments lures a lot of aspirants into this world. Genuine enough, who wants to work in high heat and dusty surroundings anymore, right? Finally, another big advantage of working in this industry is that, once you establish yourself well enough, give yourself at least 3 to 4 years and the world is at your feet. You become eligible to work in most places across the globe. You are no more limited to working only in your country of origin. Now, don't get me wrong, having worked a few years in the IT world, it does come with a share of its drawbacks and hurdles. But, then again, the rewards always outweigh the cons in this world.

But, coming back to the topic at hand how is it that you get into the IT World? Well, firstly, you should have an effective way of correlating what you have already learnt or worked on, and tie it up with a relevant software in the market. For example, a person who has worked for 7 years in the Finance side, or Accounts side, is eligible for a certain set of technologies within the IT world. For instance, that person can choose to get into something like SAP FICO or Oracle Financials or Tally ERP or any other such technologies. These softwares as such do not require people to have extensive financial or domain knowledge to configure. The Domain experience comes into play especially when you have to design the business process within the boundaries of which the software works.

The ERP Software is business critical software that essentially organizes all the data for the business people with segregation for departments. Hence, it becomes really important that the people designing the relevant business processes for a company are aware of the know-hows of their respective business legs. Hence the necessity of domain experience, which quite a few people have when they plan to make a shift to the ERP/IT World. Now, these are professionals who have had prior work experience. But, what about the budding freshers? How do they make a break into this world?

Well, there is an answer to that as well. Freshers with a non-IT background, can choose to go with anyone of the non-technical roles, like content writing, Tech support, Sales and marketing.. None of these require a Computer Science degree and do not require a whole lot of a technical expertise. Sales & marketing within the IT world is a great start for anyone looking to understand the IT industry as a whole.

To make it as a developer, there are a few pre-requisites that are required. The aspirant, need not possess a specialized degree of Computer Science for the same, but needs to definitely have a good training exposure on a few programming languages. You can take it for granted, that when any person, whether with prior experience or not, wants to make a break into the IT World as a Developer, he or she definitely need sot learn a thing or two about programming. Although, this might seem like a difficult option, it is one of the easiest entry points into the IT Market.

As I said earlier, making a career change and moving into the IT world isn't that hard. Working professionals and freshers alike need to meticulously plan their road, and understand the pros and cons completely to move ahead and make the said change. With careful planning, and hard work, you can really achieve a lot within the Industry.

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